Arunabh Sarkar, Systems Engineering M. Eng. '24

Arunabh Sarkar

Arunabh Sarkar is a Systems Engineering M.Eng. candidate who was born in Roanoke, Virginia, but spent most of his life growing up in Pocatello, Idaho. Sarkar came to Cornell three years ago as a transfer student and graduated from the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science in 2023.

Why Systems Engineering?

After finishing my undergraduate degree at Cornell, I really wanted to further my education and gain more interdisciplinary skills as an engineer before entering the workforce. I chose the Systems Engineering program because of its track record of graduating successful and impactful engineers in all disciplines of engineering. I was truly impressed by the Systems curriculum and felt it was unlike any program at any other graduate institution.

What does being a Cornellian mean to you?

To me, being a Cornellian means embracing a community that thrives on intellectual rigor and diverse perspectives. My time at Cornell has been about leveraging these qualities to drive my curiosity in fields like engineering and finance. Being a Cornellian is about belonging to a network that is committed to excellence and continuous learning.

What will you miss the most about Cornell?

I will miss the collaborative spirit of Cornell. Whether it was working on collaborative projects in SYSEN 5100 or working with other students as a teaching assistant to help communicate and drive the intellectual curiosity of students, the environment of collective growth and support is something I have deeply cherished during my time at Cornell.

What are your future plans?

After graduating from Cornell, I will begin my role as an analyst working at ATLAS Securitized Products in New York. I am excited to continue applying and expanding my expertise in developing systems and quantitative financial solutions by leveraging data and systems techniques!

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