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Study maps human uptake of microplastics across 109 countries

Southeast Asian countries top the global per capita list of dietary uptakes of microplastics, while China, Mongolia and the United Kingdom top the list of countries that breathe the most microplastics, according to a new study mapping microplastic uptake across 109 countries. Read more

Cornell leads NYS consortium for space tech development

Cornell is spearheading the New York Consortium for Space Technology Innovation and Development – a new initiative aimed at bolstering U.S. space technology research and manufacturing by uniting industry, academic and government partners. Read more

3 ways to sabotage your systems architecture

Professor Oliver Gao’s Systems Architecture and Management program helps organizations understand the value of systems architecture related to performance, lifecycle cost, schedule and risk. Read more

Systems alum, former postdocs land teaching positions

By: Patrick Gillespie

As the Cornell Systems program continues to grow, it’s making more of an impact outside of Ithaca as a recent Ph.D. graduate and two postdoctoral researchers have landed tenure-track teaching positions at other universities. Read more