Veronica Gluza: "lucky to be able to collaborate with individuals across the globe"

Veronica Gluza

Veronica Gluza

What does being a Cornellian mean to you?
Being a Cornellian means being pushed to be the best you can be. The demand of classes and research really makes you give it your all every single day. It’s so satisfying looking back and being able to see everything you were able to accomplish by the time you’re graduating.

What will you miss the most about Cornell?
How easy it was to run into friends as I go about my day on campus. I love running into people at the dining halls, events, libraries and just between classes. When the semester gets especially hectic, it’s a nice break to stop and chat for a bit before going back to our packed schedules.

What surprised you most about your Cornell experience?
How much I was able to learn and grow as a professional in my career over my time here. The classes I took did a great job expanding my breadth of knowledge and I was already able to start applying it at my summer internship last year.

What accomplishment as a Cornell student makes you most proud?
Having successfully defended my thesis. This was the most challenging part of my degree and the culminating piece of work I leave my graduate journey with. I was lucky to be able to collaborate with individuals across the globe on this work.  

What moments, big or small, made your Big Red experience special?
Having met so many amazing friends during my time here. My Cornell experience would not have been nearly as memorable without their friendship and support throughout my degree. Everyone has such a variety of interests that thanks to them I was able to experience so many things Cornell has to offer, from front row seats to men’s hockey to bird watching around upstate New York.

What are your plans “Post Cornell”?
I will be moving to Austin to pursue a career in site reliability engineering where I can apply the various courses I took in the ECE department. I really enjoy working on distributed network problems and look forward to doing that at work. 


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