Systems M.S. Degree

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Systems program students pursues methodologies that are relevant for planning, optimizing and executing multi-disciplinary solution efforts for design and operational problems in engineering, business, and the social sciences. The program also serves as a natural home for multidisciplinary research projects that require the cooperation of researchers from different domains. Cornell University has a long tradition of fostering projects that are large in scope. With its pursuit of methodologies that are relevant for planning, optimizing, and executing multi-disciplinary solution efforts and its focus on the study of the structure and behavior of complex systems, the program provides the methodological foundation for carrying out such projects. This degree is intended for students who are interested in a research career in Systems Science and Engineering as opposed to our M.Eng. program which is intended for students interested in working in applications after graduation.

Active areas of research

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, modeling, and control
  • Design for healthcare systems
  • Improving the resiliency of New York City's transportation system

Application Deadline

Deadline for Fall semester - June 1

Deadline for Spring - November 1

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