Spotlights: SE

Systems Engineering Ph.D. student Patrick Kastner

Meet Patrick Kastner

Patrick Kastner did not come to Ithaca intending to earn a Ph.D. at Cornell. When he arrived in September 2017 it was as a Visiting Scientist in the lab of Assistant Professor Timur Dogan of the... Read more

Tim Sands

Welcome Tim Sands ( 2020 )

Dr. Timothy Sands joins the faculty in a joint position with Systems Engineering and the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, where his research and teaching focus on astronautical... Read more

ECE and Systems Assistant Professor Francesca Parise

Welcome Francesca Parise ( 2020 )

Francesca Parise has joined the faculty of Cornell’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Systems Engineering as an assistant professor. Most recently, Parise held a postdoctoral... Read more

Lynden Archer

Lynden Archer, Cornell Engineering Dean

"Cornell’s experience was, in fact, part of a national trend which saw a shift in research funding patterns away from the lone wolf investigator model. That historical shift underpinned a broader move toward collaborative interdisciplinary science, which you will recognize in my past and which is what I believe led me here." Read more

 Zineb Louriqate

Zineb Louriqate M.Eng. '20

Zineb Louriqate Systems Engineering, M.Eng. Elkton, Md. "No matter the challenges you face, do not stop believing in yourself and do not stop chasing your dreams. It gets harder before it gets easier... Read more

Faisal Alkaabneh

Faisal Alkaabneh Ph.D. '20

Consumers are paying increasing attention to their impact on the planet—and therefore, so are retailers. Now a study by Faisal Alkaabneh, a fifth-year student in Cornell Engineering’s Systems Ph.D... Read more