Ezra Scholars

Ezra Systems Scholars Program at Cornell University

The Ezra Systems Scholars Program is your pathway to a prestigious research environment that comes with the freedom to explore new theories, challenge conventional thought and collaborate across any discipline to confront the grand systems challenges faced by civilization. It’s also your chance to form new research partnerships that last beyond your time at Cornell.

Systems Engineering at Cornell is internationally recognized as an intellectual powerhouse for advanced theoretical and applied research on complex systems, and has built its reputation using a collaborative, non-bureaucratic culture known for its independent thinkers who break the rules to advance systems science, engineering, and applications. The Ezra Systems Scholars Program is where systems research at Cornell comes together. Program participants share different perspectives and collaborate across the entire campus to pursue ideas in areas such as health care, energy, environment, transportation, physical and social infrastructure, defense, finance, food, climate change, and urban systems, among other research interests.

The Ezra Systems Scholars Program upholds the values of Ezra Cornell, who founded the university as an “institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” Today, through this program, scholars from industry, academia, and government—from anywhere in the world—can find multiple opportunities to join a welcoming research environment at the forefront of systems thinking, systems research, systems design, and systems innovation and entrepreneurship.