Minor in Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering Minor is for students broadly interested in Systems. Students electing the Systems Engineering Minor pursue two parallel streams. They are regular M.Eng. candidates in their primary technical disciplines; and they are also Systems Engineering students taking common courses and doing project work with Master of Engineering students from other technical disciplines. Roughly half of a student's program is set by the requirements of the home discipline, and the other half is common across all disciplines for students in the Systems Engineering Minor.

Requirements for the M.Eng. Graduate Minors

The subjects required by the option are complementary to the student's chosen discipline. For instance, the Minor for a Civil Engineer would be designated as "Master of Engineering in Civil, with the Systems Engineering Minor". In line with the student's primary technical discipline, "Civil" would be replaced by "Mechanical", "Electrical" etc. It should be noted that the Systems Engineering Minor is not a degree in itself and students in the Minor must be registered in one of the Master of Engineering Programs within the College of Engineering.

Systems Engineering Minor Request for Participation Form (PDF)

Requirements for the Ph.D. and M.S. Graduate Minors

A Ph.D./M.S. student majoring in another graduate field can obtain a minor in Systems by successfully completing four courses, two of which are SYSEN 6000 and SYSEN 6150. The four courses must be approved by a member of the Field of Systems who is a member of the student's special committee. Any course used to satisfy requirements of the student's major field of doctoral study may not be used to satisfy the minor in Systems.