Ability to customize her degree important factor for Amrita Ramamurthy M.Eng. '19

Amrita Ramamurthy

While making a decision about a graduate program can be difficult, often the experiences of others can help inform your choices. Cornell Master of Engineering alumni are happy to share where their Systems Engineering M.Eng. degree has led them and what they remember best about their programs.

Amrita RamamurthyAmrita Ramamurthy M.Eng. '19

Systems Engineering

From: New York, NY
Living in: New York, NY

Current job:  Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting

What was your favorite class?

ORIE 5100 Design of Manufacturing Systems

What is a memorable highlight from your time at Cornell?

The first time that I went to the Big Red Barn with classmates! It was such a great way to meet M.Eng., M.S., Ph.D. (etc.) students in other courses and was a really nice way for our class to bond. There's a really great community for master's students at Cornell to engage with, and we always had a great time at the BRB on Tuesdays for trivia or Fridays after class.

What advice would you give prospective M.Eng. students?

I would encourage students to think about what they want to gain from the degree because there are so many opportunities to tailor coursework to their interests. I ended up doing projects in my Six Sigma class, the Model-Based Systems Engineering class, and through my M.Eng project - all of which I enjoyed and gained a lot of great experience from primarily because I was able to really customize my work to my interests. 

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