Enabling the selection of climate-smart policies to accelerate adoption of affordable decarbonization technologies

Nathan Preuss

Nathan Preuss is a systems doctoral student from Leawood, KS. He earned his bachelor’s degrees in economics and computer science at the University of Oklahoma and now studies agri-food decarbonization and the food-energy-water-waste nexus under the guidance of Prof. Fengqi You at Cornell.

What is your area of research, scholarship, or work and why is it important?

I am researching the effects of incentivizing the pyrolysis of livestock manures through carbon credits on food, energy, climate, and land use systems by using integrated assessment models that incorporates climate, economic, water, energy, and land use models. A regional analysis is conducted to analyze the spatiotemporal disruptions of pyrolysis, especially for the impacts to the food system.

What are the broader implications of this research, scholarship, or work?

This research will enable the selection of climate-smart policies that can accelerate adoption of affordable decarbonization technologies with minimal disruptions to the food system.

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

I am quite involved with the Cornell Swing Syndicate up at the Big Red Barn. I enjoy reading a lot of books, especially metafiction in my spare time. I also enjoy hiking and walking on the trails and rural roads near Ithaca.

Why did you choose Cornell?

I chose Cornell because it is at the forefront of sustainability research, and because the systems program enables interdisciplinary research and fosters close collaboration with experts in other domains.

What is next for you?

I will remain a Ph.D. student for a few more years, hopefully graduate, and then go into academia.

Do you have any advice for future or current graduate students?

Good time management skills are very useful for handling the stresses of graduate school.

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