Chris Barrett

Ezra's Round Table: Chris Barrett, Cornell Dyson School, Development Resilience: Theory, Measurement & Implications - 11/23/2015


Ezra's Round Table: Carlos A. Coello Coello, Cinvestav-IPN, Recent Results and Open Problems in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization - 10/30/2015


Ezra's Round Table: Andrew Novakovic & Chuck Nicholson, Cornell Dyson School, The Milk and Dairy Food Sectors as a Complex Systems and Counterintuitive Cows - 10/23/2015

Hagit Messer-Yaron

Ezra's Round Table: Hagit Messer-Yaron, Tel Aviv, Commercial Wireless Communication Microwave Links as an Opportunistic Sensors Network for Weather/Environmental Monitoring - 10/2/2015

kalyanmoy deb

Ezra's Round Table: Kalyanmoy Deb, Michigan St., Nature's Niche in Multi-Criterion Design and Optimization - 9/25/2015

dan frangopol

Ezra's Round Table: Dan Frangopol, Lehigh, Maintenance and Safety of Deteriorating Infrastrucutre Ssytems: A Life-Cycle Perspective - 9/18/2015

denise mauzerall

Ezra's Round Table: Denise Mauzerall, Princeton, Climate, Air Quality and Health Implications of China’s Energy Future - 9/11/2015

douglas dockery

Ezra's Round Table: Douglas Dockery, Harvard, Measuring the Health Benefits of Fine Particle Air Pollution Controls - 4/24/2015


Ezra's Round Table: Anu Ramaswami, Minnesota, An Integrated Infrastructure-Systems Approach for Developing Environmentally Sustainable and Healthy Cities in China, India & U.S.A. - 4/17/2015

Douglas Helmuth

Ezra's Round Table: Douglas Helmuth - Lockheed Martin, Perspectives from Space - 3/27/2015

Peter Adams

Ezra's Round Table: Peter Adams, Carnegie Mellon, Bringing atmospheric chemical transport modeling into societal decision-making - 3/13/2015

Judith Dahmann

Ezra's Round Table: Judith Dahmann, Mitre, Complex System of Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Systems Engineering - 2/20/2015

Benjamin Beckmann

Ezra's Round Table: Benjamin Beckmann, GE Global Research, Digital Manufacturing Commons - 2/6/2015


Ezra's Round Tables: Carlos Morales, Foliage, Taming Diabetes with Systems Thinking - 1/30/2015