Computational and Data Science Certificate

During the past fall semester, Systems Field launched a new certificate program: Computational and Data Science Certificate, taught by Fengqi You, Roxanne E. and Michael J. Zak Professor.

The Computational and Data Science Certificate provided by Systems Engineering Program, Cornell University, offers a structural foundation in data analytics and computational informatics, while preparing students with solid analytics and problem-solving skills using unifying principles from machine learning, computing science, systems optimization, and data science.

This dynamic program exposes students to an amazing array of applications and tools used in manufacturing, energy, aerospace, defense, transportation, finance, management, health care, supply chain, etc.

Employment and Salary Ranges

Data Scientists offer employers' a unique skill set and bring added value to the table. The average data scientist salary is $113,436, according to Glassdoor. Many data scientist find themselves working for companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and various financial institutions.

Obtaining the Computational and Data Science Certificate

In order to secure the "Computational and Data Science Certificate", students must enroll and complete with a B or better in the following courses:

  1. SYSEN 5880: Industrial Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning (4 credits), currently offered only in the spring semester
  2. SYSEN 5800: Computational Optimization (4 credits), currently offered only in the fall semester

Students in the Chemical Engineering cross-listing session will need instructor approval for getting the certificate.