Norman Scott

Norman Scott

Biological and Environmental Engineering
324 Riley-Robb Hall


Scott was involved in bioengineering research and teaching for over 20 years prior to spending 14 years as a Cornell administrator (Director of Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station & Vice President of Research and Advanced Studies). His early research was focused on thermoregulation in poultry, biomechanics of machine milking of dairy cows and electronic applications in agriculture, with particular attention to automatic identification and estrus detection of livestock, as well as the effects of transient current on dairy cows. Since returning to the faculty in 1998, he has focused on research in sustainable development. This research is directed to development of sustainable communities with emphasis on biologically derived fuels, renewable energy, recycling, managed ecosystems and industrial ecology. Grant support has been obtained from New York State Energy Research & Development Authority and USDA.

Research Interests

Focus is on anaerobic co-digestion of manure and organic feedstocks and on development of sustainable communities

Selected Publications

  • Scott, N. R., Rutzke, C. J., & Albright, L. D. (2005). Energy conversion options for energy-efficient CEA. HortScience. 40:287-292.
  • Kephart, K. D., Rutzke, C. J., Scott, N. R., & Walker, L. P. (2005). The Sun Grant Initiative – A new day for agriculture. HortScience. 40:293-294.