Zineb Louriqate M.Eng. '20

 Zineb Louriqate

Zineb Louriqate
Systems Engineering, M.Eng.
Elkton, Md.

 Zineb Louriqate"No matter the challenges you face, do not stop believing in yourself and do not stop chasing your dreams. It gets harder before it gets easier, and it is all worth it in the end. Persistence pays off!"

Who inspired or influenced you during your time at Cornell?
Cornell students, faculty, and staff members all inspired me one way or another. The students and faculty are hardworking and passionate about their fields of study. I am inspired by their knowledge and the great work they do!

What will you miss the most about Cornell?
I will certainly miss the beautiful campus. I will miss attending classes or just walking in the hallway. Most importantly, I will miss the support system at Cornell. Cornell has a great support system for its students. Professors, TAs, advisors, and staff members ensure students are always supported. For me, this part made my experience at Cornell so special.

What surprised you most about your Cornell experience?
I was surprised how easy it was to approach your professors or anyone from your department/field and establish communication with them. All my professors are humble and willing to work with you and do all that they can do, so that you succeed in your studies. You can also speak to your professor about your career interests or ask for advice, and they are always willing to listen and answer your questions.

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