park kyung-ah

Ezra's Round Table: Kyung-Ah Park, Goldman Sachs, Environmental Markets - Systems Approach to Environmental Challenges and Opportunities - 12/5/2014

Yaneer Bar-Yam

Ezra's Round Table: Yaneer Bar-Yam, NECSI, Complex Systems Science and Global Crises: From the Global Food Crisis to the Ebola Epidemic - 11/21/2014

Chai Wu

Ezra's Round Table: Chai Wu, IBM, Global Technology Outlook 2014: Transforming Industries with Systems of Insight - 11/14/2014

Lisa May

Ezra's Round Table: Lisa May, NASA, Systems Engineering of a Sample Return Campaign: The intersection of science, stakeholders, and systems engineering - 11/7/2014

Peter Rogers

Ezra's Round Table: Peter Rogers, Harvard, The Water, Food, Energy, Nexus: Does it make Sense? - 10/31/2014

Ian Parry

Ezra's Round Table: Ian Parry, IMF, Getting Energy Prices Right: From Principle to Practice - 10/24/2014

Warren Walker

Ezra's Round Table: Warren Walker, Delft University, Dynamic Adaptive Policymaking: An Approach to Planning Under Deep Uncertainty - 10/17/2014

Richard Arthur

Ezra's Round Table: Richard Arthur, GE Global Research, Impact of High-End Computation on Industry - 10/10/2014

Robert Daly

Ezra's Round Table: Robert Daly, Kissinger Institute, Hard Limits on Chinese Soft Power: Beijing won’t develop attractive power any time soon, and it doesn’t seem to mind - 10/3/2014

Anton Kleywegt

Ezra's Round Table: Anton Kleywegt, Georgia Tech, Multidisciplinary Value Driven Design Optimization - 9/12/2014

Clifford Winston

Ezra's Round Table: Clifford Winston, Brookings Institution, The U.S. Transportation System and Economic Performance: Governance Considerations - 4/25/2014

Shenggen Fan

Ezra's Round Table: Shenggen Fan, IFPRI, Achieving food security and nutrition for all by 2025 through sustainable agriculture and food systems - 4/18/2014

Jerald L. Schnoor

Ezra's Round Table: Jerald L. Schnoor, Iowa, Water Sustainability and Climate Change - 4/11/2014

Fredrik Logevall

Ezra's Round Table: Fredrik Logevall, Cornell University, Embers of War: Reconsidering Vietnam - 3/21/2014

Richard David

Ezra's Round Table: Richard David, NewSpace, NewSpace: A Great Innovation Economy Emerges - 3/14/2014

Matthew Ferringer

Ezra's Round Tables: Matthew Ferringer, The Aerospace Corporation, Challenges and Success on the Way to Transforming Design and Planning Decisions - 2/28/2014

Andreas Kopp

Ezra's Round Tables: Andreas Kopp, World Bank, How to Increase Transports Role in Climate Policies and How to Install it in Public Decision Making - 2/21/2014

Eoin Reeves

Ezra's Round Tables: Eoin Reeves, Univ. of Limerick, Public-Private Partnerships in Ireland – A Policy for All Seasons - 1/31/2014