2013 or older

Linda K. Nozick

Ezra's Round Table: Linda K. Nozick, Cornell University, Modeling Competition in the Natural Disaster Catastrophe Loss Insurance Market - 12/6/2013

Pamela J. Sydelko

Ezra's Round Table: Pamela J. Sydelko, Argonne National Laboratory, Systems-level Approaches to Complex Decision-making - 11/22/2013

Don Woodlock

Ezra's Round Table: Don Woodlock, GE Healthcare, Simulation Models at GE - 11/15/2013

Jorge De La Guardia

Ezra's Round Table: Jorge De La Guardia, Panama Canal, The New Locks at the Panama Canal: A Modern Marvel of Engineering - 11/8/2013

Norman Uphoff

Ezra's Round Table: Norman Uphoff, Cornell University, The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Systems Perspective: Nested and Convergent Systems - 10/25/2013

Larry Burns

Ezra's Round Table: Larry Burns, Michigan, The Power of And: Transforming Energy and Mobility Systems - 10/11/2013

David L. Greene

Ezra's Round Table: David L. Greene, ORNL, Transitioning Motor Vehicles to Sustainable Energy: New Challenges for Public Policy and Engineering - 10/4/2013

Timothy Simpson

Ezra's Round Table: Timothy Simpson, Penn State., Many Objective Visual Analytics: The Power and Pitfalls of Putting Humans “Back in the Loop” during the Design of Complex Engineered Systems - 9/20/2013

Patrick Reed

Ezra's Round Table: Patrick Reed, Cornell University, Many-Objective Visual Analytics: Rethinking the Design of Complex Engineered Systems - 9/13/2013

George Richardson

Ezra's Round Table: George Richardson, System Dynamics Applications with Impact - 4/19/2013

Yrjo Grohn

Ezra's Round Table: Yrjo T. Grohn, Progression to Multi-Scale Models and the Application to Food System Intervention Strategies - 4/12/2013

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfel

Ezra's Round Table: Joel Cutcher-Gershenfel, Stakeholder Alignment in Complex Systems: First Principles for Robust 21st Century Institutions - 11/30/2012

Mamadou Seck

Ezra's Round Table: Mamadou Seck, Models in Systems Engineering - 10/19/2012

Cliff Davidson

Ezra's Round Table: Cliff Davidson, Engineering for the 21st Century: The Challenge of Sustainability - 11/11/2011

Michal C. Moore

Ezra's Round Table: Michal C. Moore, Cornell University - 9/9/2011

Oliver Gao

Ezra's Round Table: Oliver Gao, Cornell University, From Transportation Emissions Control to Public Health—Are We Doing the Right Thing, and Doing it Right?- 10/1/2010