Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours are required.
  • The entire selection of courses for the degree must be approved by the student's advisor. Other courses could be accepted as electives if approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • You must receive a letter grade for all courses applied toward your degree.

Required Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleSemesterCredit
SYSEN 5100Model Based Systems EngineeringFall4
SYSEN 5200Systems Analysis Behavior and OptimizationSpring3
SYSEN 5900Systems Engineering ProjectSpring and fall6-8
CEE 5900Project ManagementSpring or fall4
Total credits for required courses17-19

Elective Courses

Since a minimum of 30 credits are required for the M.Eng. degree, 12 to 14 credits of electives will be needed from the pre-approved electives (PDF). Other courses which have systems content can be approved with permission of the Director of Graduate Studies. The electives are grouped into the following categories with the restrictions described:

Modeling and AnalysisAt least one course must be taken from this group (3-4 credits)
ApplicationAt least one course must be taken from this group (3-4 credits)
ManagementNo more than one course may be taken from this group
SeminarNo more than one course each semester may be taken from this group, for a maximum of two courses in total

Your advisor must approve the electives you select to ensure a well-rounded program of study. 

This is documented by submitted a proposal form (PDF) to the Systems Engineering program office.