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To conserve energy, AI clears up cloudy forecasts

A machine learning model trained with years’ worth of forecast and weather data predicts the accuracy of the weather forecast – the basis of a system that can reduce buildings’ energy usage by up to 10 percent.

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8th annual TOGO awards

Systems honored at 8th annual TOGO awards

The 2018 Cornell Town-Gown Awards recognized three student partnerships with local organizations to develop new bus route signs, sponsor a pet health clinic and explore the future of local emergency medical services. Held Dec. 8 at Ithaca High School, the eighth annual TOGOs also recognized local leaders retiring from key positions and presented the inaugural Achievement Award to performing artist, author, and health and wellness coach Michelle Courtney Berry, MPS ’92. Read more .

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First group of Systems Ph.D. students pass Qualifying Exams

The Systems Engineering program began in 1988 encouraged by strong industrial demand. It began the next year with a single, team taught, interdisciplinary course. Soon thereafter, the program offered a M.Eng. minor in 1999 and then a full-fledged M.Eng. (Systems) degree program in 2001. At about the same time the program initiated some distance-learning classes. The distance-learning M.Eng. degree program for practicing engineers in industry and government was approved by New York state to meet industrial and government needs and launched in the fall of 2008. This very successful distance...

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