Welcome to the Intel-Cornell Cup

The Intel-Cornell Cup is a three-round national innovative embedded systems competition. The three rounds are:

  1. The Intel Open: A college-based competition where teams can use current course projects, senior design capstone projects, or even any Maker project as their team’s Cup project. At least one team from each participating school is selected at the end of the fall semester by their college’s professors/adviser(s) to represent their school in the semifinals.

  2. The Intel-Cornell Cup Semifinals: Held during mid-January to early February, each semifinalist team will take part in a single one-hour online event consisting of a team’s 30-minute presentation to a panel of Cup judges and then a 30-minute Q&A period. (similar to past "mid-review" sessions). Semifinals are “blind” reviewed meaning that the judges have no knowledge as to what school the teams are from, giving all teams an equal chance to make to the finals.

  3. The Intel-Cornell Cup Finals: An exciting weekend Expo event held during the first weekend in May where the top teams from across the country come to showcase working projects with a chance to earn multiple first-, second-, or third-place prizes or even the single grand prize of $10,000 plus invitations to special Intel & Maker events!
Project Qualifications
  1. Any project that features an Intel Atom as a core component to its Embedded System / Internet of Things / Wearables project is eligible.
  2. Use of the Intel Galileo in that project is also encouraged, but not required.
  3. The potential project concept submitted in the registration must for be an original work to be developed by the student team. It cannot be a project developed for a previous competition, whether it be a previous year of this competition or other competition. It CAN AND IS ENCOURAGED to be part of work in a current course project, senior design capstone project, or other similar Maker project.
  4. The contest project intellectual property shall be owned by the participant university or team students as determined by the participant university. Intel, including Intel Corporation and its subsidiaries, shall have the right to freely use and publish (not involved in technical detail) the contest project. If Intel will use the contest project for any other purpose, Intel should negotiate with the university, and sign a related agreement. (In summary: All of the IP is yours, not Intel’s and not the Cup’s)

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Team Qualifications
  1. Each team consists of only 3-5 students
  2. All student team members must be full-time undergraduate or Masters students at an accredited college/university. 
  3. Each team must have at least one faculty adviser (maximum three). 
  4. A student may only be a part of any one team

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College Qualifications

All Intel Partner Universities are automatically eligible to use the Intel-Cornell Cup as a way to excite and motivate their students to excel in their existing embedded systems courses and projects.

Other universities may apply through completing the short registration form. If accepted these universities will be awarded two Intel Atom boards; the same kind of boards that have been given to Intel Partner Universities. Advisers of the applying university may be contacted by the Cup before acceptance is granted.

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College / Adviser Responsibilities

Each participating college must select one team at the end of the fall semester to be the winner of the Intel Open at its college. This winning team will then advance to the semifinals. Colleges with 10 or more teams participating in the Intel Open Round will be eligible to select two winning teams that will advance to the semifinals. Decisions on the Intel Open winners are recommended to be based upon the criteria for the final event (see Judging Criteria available online for details).

Alumni Advisers of Finalist Teams from past Intel-Cornell Cup projects may be allowed to send an additional team to the semifinals, if resources permit. Alumni Advisers will be informed of the availability of this option in November of every competition year.

An adviser of each team selected as a finalist is expected to attend the final competition with their team. In the case the adviser is not able to attend, an alternate adviser must attend the final competition. The alternate adviser must be approved by the Intel-Cornell Cup at least one business week prior to the final competition date.

Note to Professors: While it may be nearly impossible for any one of us alone to provide incentives for their college course such as a chance to showcase their work on a highly prestigious national stage with a chance to win more than $10,000, together through this competition we can empower our nation’s students to become innovative upcoming leaders in the development of Embedded Systems solutions to tomorrow’s needs. We hope you can use the competition as a means to inspire your students to give you and your courses & projects their very best.

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Resources Available to All Teams

Professional design guides are made freely available on the Cup website to provide all teams with another resource for all of their project work. Additionally online Q&A sessions hosted by Cornell/Intel reps are available to address general professional design practices questions and questions about the competition overall.

Student response to these guides has been very high, especially the sample mid-semester progress report. Based on its popularity, a sample semifinals design review presentation will be made available this year roughly half way through the fall semester.

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Finalist Team Resources

  1. Invitation to present at the final event expo and their own expo booth
  2. Free hotel accommodations at final event (1 room per team per night)
  3. Cash support of up to $1,500 per team
  4. Equipment and discounts from competition sponsors
  5. Blog site dedicated to your individual team featured on the competition website
  6. Team recognition plaque
  7. Competition "swag" including shirts, bags, and many other sponsor give-a-ways

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Final Event Awards

Grand Prize (1 team):

  • $10,000 cash
  • Invitation to exhibit in Intel booth @ Maker Faire (San Mateo OR NYC)
  • Intel-Cornell Cup jacket
  • Grand prize certificate

1st-Place Prizes (up to 7 teams):

  • $2,500 cash
  • Invitation to exhibit in Intel booth @ Maker Faire (San Mateo OR NYC)
  • 1st-place certificate

2nd-Place Prizes (up to 7 teams):

  • Special 7" tablet;
  • 2nd- place certificate

3rd-Place Prizes (up to 7 teams):

  • Competition premium "swag"
  • 3rd-place certificate

People's Choice Award (1 team):
A special prize selected by the votes of the finalist teams!

  • $1,000 cash

Media Award: (1 team):
A special prize given to the finalist team with the best online blog!

  • $1,000 cash

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