Team Application

Applications are optional. They are blind reviewed to select additional teams to the Seminfinals. Teams that complete the application score on average 40% higher in the Semifinals!

Download Your Application, fill it out, save as PDF and return it to us at

Application Questions

  1. Project Summary (200 words)
    Describe your project, the challenge it is trying to be a solution to, and why your solution is unique and exciting in 200 words or less. This abstract will be displayed publicly on the competition website.

  2. Challenge Definition
    What is the challenge you are trying to accomplish? Why is this a worthwhile challenge to undertake? What will a good solution to this challenge be able to do?

  3. Proposed Solution
    What is your proposed solution approach to this challenge? Why will this be a good solution? What is the scope of solution? (What will it be able to do when you’re done?, What won’t it be able to do? and/or, What new knowledge will you have?) What do you plan to be able to demonstrate at the Intel-Cornell Cup Expo?

  4. Performance Measures
    How will you know you have achieved your goals / met the challenge’s need? How will you measure your entry’s performance? What are some of the specific metrics that will be used? What are some existing (even partial) solutions that you could measure your solution against?

  5. Timeline & Milestones
    Provide a timeline for the creation of your competition entry. This timeline should include major milestones and the deliverables that must be achieved in order to declare the milestone has been reached. It is imperative that time for testing, documentation, and review sessions be included within your timeline.

  6. Feasibility & Resources Available
    Please comment on the feasibility of the proposed solution, and the timeline you have developed to create that solution. What evidence can you give that your proposed solution to the challenge will work? (References to journal papers, past projects, or similar sources are recommended when possible but are not required) Please also explain any special resources required and their availability to your team for this project.

  7. References
    List all references cited in the application following a standard journal formatting. Please include copies of your references in an appendix if they can be provided. The reference pages do not count towards the main 12 pages of the Word document. If no references are cited in your application, this section can be left blank.

For the first year, as we know many teams are getting a late start, we will not be requiring the “Potential Concerns & Alternative Plans” part of the original Application which is written below. However we greatly encourage teams to consider these aspects even after their application submission and selected finalist teams will still be asked to address some of these topics as a part of their final submission.

Potential Concerns & Alternative Plans
What are some of the potentially most impactful concerns and how likely are they to occur? What are steps you plan to take to mitigate these concerns? What are some of the ways you will handle these concerns should they arise? What are some of the alternatives you are considering should these concerns prevent the solution you proposed in the “Proposed Solution” section earlier. How will this affect your timeline and at what point in your timeline will you have to decide whether or not to proceed with an alternative plan?