Wild Card Opportunity

The Cornell Cup USA presented by Intel is pleased to offer the “Wild Card” award opportunity. This award offers teams that were not accepted to the competition as finalists an additional chance to be a part of the main final event at Walt Disney World. To be eligible the team must:

  1. Have submitted a complete application on time during the normal application phase of the competition that year.
  2. Complete and submit a final report according to the guidelines that all finalist teams must follow for their own final reports.
  3. Submit an updated Project Summary that can be posted on the competition website.
  4. Agree to participate with their advisor in the final event at Walt Disney World if selected.
  5. Complete and submit an expo exhibit proposal form detailing what the team would be able to demonstrate at the final event at Walt Disney World.

All of these requirements must be completed by April 16, 2012 to be considered for this award. Team’s meeting these requirements will be referred as our wild card teams. These teams’ final reports will be reviewed using the same criteria as used to review the finalist team’s final reports. If the judges deem the wild card team’s final report to be of significant quality, the team will be awarded:

  1. The Wild Card Prize of $2,500 awarded at the final event.
  2. An invitation for the team and their advisor to attend the competition’s final event.
  3. A booth at the final competition expo event to present at.
  4. Student team member’s resumes will be added to that year’s resume book.
  5. Recognition on the competition website as the winner of the Wild Card Prize.

Wild card teams will not however have to present a PowerPoint presentation at the final competition, only an expo event presentation. Wild card teams are not eligible to win the grand prizes; instead the Wild Card Prize is considered the recognition of their accomplishments.

Wild card team prize winners will be notified by April 25, 2012. This notification will also include any required changes to the expo exhibit proposal form which must be held to in order for the team to receive the award and be able to present at the final event.