Cornell Cup USA, presented by Intel Announces Weekly Live Information Sessions

The Cornell Cup USA, presented by Intel, wants you to succeed. Live online information sessions will be held to help do everything that we can do so that you can better understand the competition and what you need to do to enter your team’s innovative ideas. These sessions will often feature Intel Embedded Systems Experts and will be lead by David R. Schneider from Cornell University.

These sessions can be attended by going to the specific link for that day and time that can be found on the timeline. Tentative times for some of the first information session have already been posted. Everyone is welcome to attend but we encourage all members of the same team to attend using just one computer to help make sure there is room for everyone.

Please make sure your computer microphone is well separated from your speakers to prevent feedback. This can be a problem on some laptops and in these cases please use the chat feature to type in your questions.

During the sessions we do reserve the right to not answer any questions that we feel would be giving any team an unfair advantage. For example, questions specifically regarding your specific application ideas or your specific application entry such as “would you review our application prior to submission?” are not fair for the rest of the teams. Questions regarding the clarification of the meaning of an application component and/or the rules, are highly welcomed. In some information sessions Intel experts will also be attending to help even answer your questions on the technical specifications of the featured Intel hardware.