Altera is excited to once again sponsor The Intel-Cornell Cup, an innovative and challenging event which enriches the university learning experience at the nation’s top engineering schools. Altera is introducing a new award this year:


The Altera Reprogram Your World Award

This award is given to the team with the best use of an FPGA in their design. While the Intel Atom must be the primary processor in the design, the FPGA can be used for parallel processing, collecting and filtering data, or any other aspect of the project.  Teams may request either the DE0-Nano-SoC or Cubic board from Altera’s University Program.  Altera will supply the FPGA, tutorials and mentoring necessary to make the designs a reality. All that is required is enthusiasm and a thirst to learn more about FPGAs!

adTwo members of the winning team will receive a free trip to California (flight, hotel and meals included) to display their project at the Altera booth at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire!  These lucky team members will be invited to show off their project at Altera, get a tour of the campus, and network with the top FPGA designers on the planet.
Here are a few links about FPGAs to get started:
·        Quartus Tutorials
·        University Program Lab Exercises
·        Become an FPGA Designer in 4 Hours
 For more information, check out Altera University Program’s website.