2016 Intel-Cornell Cup Application Extension

It’s been great to see many of you in the Intel-Cornell Cup Q&A sessions! Due to the significant number of requests to extend the deadline for the optional application, we will be offering “rolling admissions” of applications thru November 30. All applications will still be judged by the same criteria which is available on the Cup website along with a highly helpful sample application.

We anticipate this will allow more teams than possibly ever before to complete the application which has proven to enable many teams to create even stronger projects – increasing their scores on average by 40% in the semifinals compared to teams that do not complete the application.

However, we still must encourage teams to complete the application as soon as possible. Not only will this bring the application’s benefits to your team sooner, but resources as to the number of teams that can be accepted to the semifinals are finite. So make sure your application is strong but priority will naturally be given to those who can be considered first.

All application decisions will be made by December 4 at the latest – before schools will select their team(s) to automatically advance to the semifinals. As a reminder, all schools that have at least 1 team registered by December 4 can send 1 team to the Semi-Finals to represent their school as selected by collectively by that school’s teams’ advisors by December 7. For every 10 teams registered from the same school, that school may select an additional team to advance to the semifinals – it’s only 150 words, a picture, and some contact info, so tell your friends to register today! The more teams that register the more support the Cup can earn from sponsors to pass on to more teams.

If you have further questions regarding any aspect of the competition, we encourage you to please attend our online Q&A sessions, the times and links for which are posted weekly on the Intel-Cornell Cup website.

Our next Q&A session will be held at:

10/21/2015 1:30 PM (EST)

Thank you all once again and we can’t wait to learn more about your exciting projects!