Online Chronicle / Media Award Rules

The tech blogosphere is hungry for news of the innovations you will unveil at Intel-Cornell Cup and you’ll definitely want to share your work with future employers and graduate schools, as well as friends and family. To feed the buzz, all finalist teams are required to create a multi-media Online Chronicle of their work according to the rules and guidelines below. Your periodic updates will also help foster connections between teams during the year, giving everyone a chance to learn more about each others work before the competition, something requested by past finalist teams.

  1. Each team must create an Online Chronicle Web site using the template provided by the competition. A WordPress, template blog will be assigned to you. You must send your team name and email addresses for all users to Dawn McWilliams,
  2. All team’s Online Chronicles must be hosted through the Cornell Blog Service web site.
  3. All Online Chronicles must include at least 2 entry updates per month of that year’s competition including November through April for a minimum total of 12 entries. Having less than 2 entry updates per month will result in a penalty in score.
  4. At least one entry should be added during the first day of the final competition event.
  5. Due to the media interest and hopes of continued in all teams are strongly encouraged to add at least one update in May, although only updates made before April 26, 2015, will be considered in the final judging.
  6. All initially required components of the finalist teams’ Online Chronicle template must to filled in and a first entry entered no later than February 16, 2015.
  7. Any materials posted on the web site should be considered acceptable to make available to the general public, including other finalist teams, and may be used freely by Intel, Cornell, the finalist team’s school, additional sponsors, or media groups without seeking permission.
  8. All team members’ names, the team adviser names, and team’s schools must be posted on the Online Chronicle’s page. At least the team lead’s contact information must also be posted on the Online Chronicle’s page.
  9. All team members are required to post a copy of their resume on the Online Chronicle.
  10. Faculty advisers are encouraged to provide a link to their own professional web site from this page.
  11. The competition logo header, a link to the competition’s main web site, and the competition’s sponsor’s page must be part of the Online Chronicle at all times as they are listed in the provided template.
  12. Teams should use the additional sponsors page included in the template to thank additional sponsors specific to their individual finalist team.
  13. Other web sites may be linked off of the main Online Chronicle site, similar to an appendix in a report. However these will only be reviewed by the judging committee at their discretion. If you would like to guarantee that a part will be reviewed, please make sure to include it within your Online Chronicle.
  14. Inappropriate content, language, slander to other teams, or others associated with the competition can result in a significant penalty in score and in extreme cases disqualification from the entire Intel-Cornell Cup competition.
  15. The competition rules committee reserves the right to manage all Online Chronicles and to remove any content or pages at its discretion.

Examples of various strong entries to an Online Chronicle are provided here. Teams may be contacted by the competition or by media for more information regarding their entries at any time during or after the competition.