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This is it. A chance to prove your innovative embedded design ideas on a national venue attended by leading technology companies and universities from across the nation.

The Cornell Cup USA, presented by Intel, is a very open competition to design, build, and demonstrate your greatest invention ideas. Any embedded design invention that you can dream up and create is fair game. Whether it’s doing something that has never been done before, or doing something even better than ever, as long as you can demonstrate how your idea addresses an exciting challenge or important need, we want to see it.

What Can I Win?

How about $10,000! And that’s just for starters. The creators and sponsors of the competition believe in you and what you can do if you are given you the chance. Approximately 20 teams will be selected to participate in the final and they will get a lot! Just by being accepted to compete in the final, your team will be given all of the following support:

  • Three Intel Atom Tunnel Creek Boards
  • $2,500 for project development and travel
  • Access to the Intel Quad-Requests Technical Support System
  • Tokens to exchange for Meetings with Intel Experts
  • Vouchers to purchase Tektronix, Fluke, & Keithley Lab Equipment

Plus an invitation to compete at the final two-Day event at Walt Disney World which includes access to discounted rooms and park tickets.

In total, three grand prizes for the top three entries will be awarded $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500 respectively. In addition first, second, and third-place awards will also be bestowed to finalist teams who may not have won the grand prize but deserve additional recognition for the great quality of their work. Get your team together and start working towards the application today!

How to Get Accepted

To apply, create a team of 3-5 undergraduate or masters-level students in either engineering or computer science, with at least one faculty advisor from your university (up to three), and optionally at least one additional faculty member who will be willing to serve on a design review board for your team*. Then create an idea. The application will guide you through ways to flush out that idea, make a plan for your team to create that idea’s prototype, and ultimately make a convincing case that your idea is the one they want to see in person at the finals.

Interdisciplinary teams are highly welcome.

*These optional review board faculty may sign up to agree to be responsible for reviewing both your application and final project as well as attending all major design reviews and filling out associated feedback summary sheet throughout the school year. For their efforts, they will receive an invitation to the Intel Cornell Cup competition at Walt Disney World at a special rate.

About the Application

More than just a showcase for your ideas, the Cornell Cup USA, presented by Intel, will challenge you to think about your projects in new and powerful ways, improving your designs and aiding you in its robust creation. You may be one of the greatest young minds, creative thinkers, visionary doers but eventually at some point in your career, sheer skill and talent will not be enough alone to realize your vision. You need to develop a plan and ways to formalize your thoughts so that a team of people can work efficiently and effectively together and hence allow you to focus all of your skills and talents in one area at a time while helping to ensuring success for your overall project.

The college environment can help push you to learn. This competition will help push you to excel in developing new ways of thinking to take from being a student into becoming a high achieving professional. Whenever you embark on a new way of thinking there will always be a part of you that is resistant to the change. That resistance can be helpful as it will aid you in being critical in retrospect as to what were the most beneficial aspects of the process. But in order to recognize that benefit you must commit to going through the process fully and complete it to the very best of your ability.

Do you want to be better than you are now? Do you want to challenge yourself and prove to the nation that you not only have some of the best ideas but that you can make your ideas a reality? Do you want to become a young professional well prepared to quickly advance in your career? Then join the competition. You can make an impact and we want to give you the chance now.