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M.Eng. Projects

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Key to our program’s success at developing Systems Engineers who are well prepared to make a significant difference in the world is the M.Eng. project experience. These two-semester projects go beyond our diverse coursework and provide a more in-depth, low faculty to student ratio, opportunity to gain valuable experience in the application of the Systems Engineering.

Ultimately students’ M.Eng. projects become a powerful tool to demonstrate to potential or current employers that they have proven experience in applying their systems education and making a positive impact in real world situations.

Project topics are as diverse and as our student body and our facility, and new projects in cutting edge areas are being created every year. We encourage you to look at some of our on-going projects. You may also want to view our faculty websites to learn more about some of their latest research projects.

"Robocup, The Formula SAE Car... These may sound like mere student projects. But we pit our best designs, our best thinking, against other universities around the world. It's competition on a global level - an invaluable way to learn. And we perform."

Albert R. George, J.F. Carr Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering