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Systems Ph.D.

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Systems Ph.D. flyerAre you looking to take a leadership role within a research group or company division or as a professor? The employment prospects for the graduates of this program, both in academia and industry, are remarkably high as demand for systems experts far outweighs their supply. We expect the graduates of the program to find employment in a variety of fields, including academia, and public, private and governmental agencies specializing in energy, healthcare, defense, aerospace, information technology, policy making, etc. The applicable areas are endless because systems science and engineering are essential to tackle today’s complex global challenges.

Faculty and Research

Work with world-renowned faculty who are forging new ways to solve complex socio-technical problems in research areas such as the integrated modeling and simulation of the behaviors of complex natural and engineered systems, their design and the operation for resilience, robustness and scalability, the characterization of the societal and behavioral context in which we find such systems, as well as their local and global consequences. Because of the nature of systems science and engineering, the research takes on a collaborative approach with faculty from many different disciplines both in traditional engineering areas as well as those outside of engineering such as health care, food systems, environmental studies, architecture and regional planning, and many others.