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DL Course Requirements

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Required Courses

The Systems Engineering Distance Learning degree requires 30 credit hours of instruction. Of those, at least two credit hours will be delivered in the form of face-to-face modules (SYSEN 5920 and 5940). A minimum of six credits will be delivered in the form of systems engineering project work supervised by Cornell faculty.

Core/Required Courses

  • SYSEN 5100: Model-Based Systems Engineering (4 cr., Fall)
  • SYSEN 5200: Systems Analysis Behavior and Optimization (3 cr., Spring)
  • SYSEN 5920 Systems Engineering Management for Virtual Team
  • SYSEN 5940 Creativity/Innovation in System Engineering
  • CEE 6910: Principles of Project Leadership (3 cr., Spring)


  • At least one 3-4 credit Modeling and Analysis course
  • At least one 3-4 credit Applications course
  • No more than one additional business course

Design Project

  • Faculty-supervised team effort
  • Minimum 6 credit hours