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The pre-approved electives list cites additional elective courses available to on-campus students.”



Courses for semester: Spring 2019

Course Number Course Title
CEE 5970 Risk Analysis and Management
CEE 6910 Principles of Project Leadership
ECE 4450 Computer Networks and Telecommunications
NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
SYSEN 4200 Inventory, Operations, and Supply Chain Management: Models and Optimization
SYSEN 5200 Systems Analysis Behavior and Optimization
SYSEN 5500 Systems Modeling Language: Fundamental and Practice
SYSEN 5740 Design Thinking for Complex Systems
SYSEN 5900 Systems Engineering Design Project
SYSEN 6100 Systems Seminar Series
SYSEN 6800 Computational Optimization
SYSEN 6880 Industrial Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning