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The pre-approved electives list cites additional elective courses available to on-campus students.”



Courses for semester: Fall 2018

Course Number Course Title
ECE 5830 Introduction to Technical Management
MAE 5340 Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing
MAE 5780 Feedback Control Systems
NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
SYSEN 4200 Inventory, Operations, and Supply Chain Management: Models and Optimization
SYSEN 5100 Model Based Systems Engineering
SYSEN 5220 Systems Dynamics
SYSEN 5300 Systems Engineering and Six Sigma for the Design and Operation of Reliable Systems
SYSEN 5900 Systems Engineering Design Project
SYSEN 5920 Systems Engineering Management for Virtual Teams
SYSEN 6100 Systems Seminar Series
SYSEN 6800 Computational Optimization